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Raw Milk from Claravale Farms Now Available at New Moon!

We've searched high and low for the best farm to bring you raw milk.  Raw milk is just like it sounds-- old fashioned milk from old fashioned cows-- unpasteurized and not homogenized.  The enzymes and delicate fats remain undamaged by any heating or blending process.

  Conventional milk is heated to destroy bacteria so it can be stored longer and shipped further.  It doesn't "go bad" as fast, but it never starts off as good!

Raw milk requires much more care and attention than conventional milk.  It's shelf life is short, so it has to be shipped quickly and locally.  The result is the freshest, healthiest, most natural milk you can get!

TIP: Raw milk farms need to be small, keeping them cleaner and the quality higher.  So sometimes demand exceeds supply and shortages can occur.  This is especially true in fall and winter, when cows naturally produce less milk.
Raw milk from Claravale Farms arrives on Friday mornings (weather permitting), so Fridays are the best day to shop to insure you get what you need!

Check out their web site:

Claravale Farms
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