Crescent Café Snack Packs

Have you tried our Crescent Café Snack Packs yet? 

Whether you’re at a picnic, the beach, the playground, on a trail, or on-the-go, these backpack-friendly, kid-friendly, grown-up friendly snack packs satisfy every need!   

With three tasty varieties, you can choose what best suits your taste and lifestyle:

Protein Snack Pack:  Salami, Organic Cheddar Cheese, Organic Hard-Boiled Egg, Fresh Organic Vegetables 

Vegan Snack Pack: Organic Hummus, Vegan Cheese, Fresh Organic Vegetables 

Tuna Snack Pack: Line-Caught Albacore Tuna Salad,  Organic Crackers, Fresh Organic Vegetables 

Located in our grab-and-go fridge by the Crescent Café, stop by and grab some to share… or to keep alllllll to yourself 😉 

Healthful and Helpful! Enjoy! 

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