Ready for Apple Harvest?

It’s Harvest time, and SO many Heirloom variety apples are arriving!

“Many local organic orchards are situated in unique microclimates. Cold nights, hot sunny days, and reduced dependence on irrigation produce concentrated flavors that will knock your socks off.”

“These unique, local varieties are also much more likely to be naturally resistant to insects and diseases…”

Linley Dixon, PhD

Here are just a few of the exciting apple cultivars we have to offer right now! :

“Of all the American varieties of apples, Roxbury Russets are thought to be the very first. They were first grown as a seedling planted in Roxbury, Massachusetts (now a part of Boston), brought from Europe by colonists in the 1630s. Roxbury Russets have a firm yet tender, slightly coarse, yellow-white flesh with a high sugar content that presents in an aftertaste of honey. Roxbury Russet apples are great for cider, fresh eating, and hold their shape well when cooked.

Kidd’s Orange Red is a cross between Cox’s Orange Pippin x Red Delicious from New Zealand, 1924.Sweet, aromatic flavor and firm, fine-textured flesh.

King David apples are juicy, crisp, and aromatic with a sweet and tart flavor with spicy nuances of wine, similar to the taste of the winesap apple. King David apples are best suited for both raw and cooked applications such as baking, sautéing, or roasting. When raw, they can be consumed fresh as a snack or sliced for green salads. They can also be cooked as the rich wine-like flavor will compliment both sweet and savory preparations. King David apples can be chopped and added to muffins, bread, and cakes. They can also be layered in pies and crisps or diced and added to stuffing for roasted poultry or dumplings. Exceptionally juicy, King David apples are perfect for cider, sauces, juice, and preserves. King David apples will keep for a couple of months when stored in a cool place such as the refrigerator.”


The flavor of the Smitten Apple “contains hints of cider, flowers, oranges, and wine, though in general the flavor is subtle rather than overpowering.


Kanzi apples have a balanced sweet and tart flavor. They are especially juicy, a trait reminiscent of their Gala parent. Although Kanzis looks similar to their Jazz sibling, they have a more delicate flavor. Kanzi apples were bred as a dessert variety, so they are best for fresh eating. Eating them straight, in salads, or cut up into fresh snacks showcases their crunchy snap. Kanzis also make good baking apples, since they keep both their shape and their juiciness after being cooked; try them in pies or tarts.”


The flavor of the Orleans Reinette “is similar to sweet oranges, tangerines, or other citrus, and has a nutty finish. Overall, the flavor is very complex—it goes well with buttery, nutty cheeses such as raw milk Swiss-style.”

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Learn more about your favorite apple cultivars there, or stop by and speak with our knowledgable Produce Department staff!


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