Plums, Pluots, and Nectaplums… Oh My!

(They’re all SO tasty right now!)

Plums, related to the almond and the peach, are sweet juicy fruits that have high nutritional value!
Produce Buyer, Tammy, tells us that Plums:

  • Are antioxidant-rich
  • Can promote blood circulation
  • May aid in iron absorption
  • May promote eye health
  • Can improve heart health
  • Are rich in Vitamin C

While there are hundreds of varieties of plums, it’s noteworthy that the black plums are sweet fruits and the red plums are sour fruits!

Wait… Did you know that Pluots are 75% plum and 25% apricot?
Come into the store and you’ll see some cool varieties such as:

  • Dapple Dandy (aka: Dinosaur Egg) variety: has mottled skin with red to pink juicy flesh.
  • Flavour Grenade: has an oblong shape with a pretty red blush on a green background and juicy yellow flesh.
  • Flavorosa: a very sweet dark purple fruit with red flesh.

Nectaplums have a super short season and we have them in stock RIGHT NOW!

They are a nectarine-dominant hybrid with a plum that’s slightly acidic, juicy, and has a spicy/sweet taste.

White apricots are a smaller stone fruit with a creamy, tender flesh. They give a sugary, syrupy, honey rush flava!!
They are best when soft.

As ALWAYS… all of our produce is 100% Organic!

Grab some while they’re AWESOME!

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