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Lammsbräu: Our Ingedients

We Use Only The Purest Ingredients

The Bavarian Purity Law of 1516, one of the world's oldest food safety laws, requires beer to be made only from water, malt and hops - nothing else. At Lammsbräu, we go further: Our pristine water is sourced from our brewery's own deep well. The quality is so good, that in Germany, it is actually sold as mineral water. Our agricultural ingredients are certified organic, grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides or genetically modified organisms. We work with organic farmers from our region and pay them well above market prices for the excellent quality grains they deliver. This enables them to sustain their family farms

We Use Only Whole-Leaf Organic Hops

Hops, named the Medicinal Plant of the Year in Germany in 2007, are fast growing plants: you can actually watch them grow - up to 12 inches a day! Our dedicated organic hop farmers are from the Hersbruck region of Bavaria, just a few miles north of the brewery. They are masters in the complex task of growing quality hops organically, without using synthetic fertilizers. We only use whole-leaf hops – never cheap pellets, powders or extracts. Using the whole hop cone ensures that none of the plant's beneficial properties are lost. To retain quality before brewing, we cold-store our hops at temperatures between 32 °F and 36 °F. Different from other breweries, we never use sulfur on our hops! Our whole-leaf hops not only provide noble bitterness, but preserve the beer and stabilize the foam. Thanks to the use of unadultered whole-leaf hops, we don't need to add preservatives or stabilizers to our beers!

We Only Trust Our Own Malt

Malt manufacturing is big business and produced in huge quantities by large malt producers. To achieve the great taste Lammsbräu is famous for, we do not buy malt from these suppliers, but rather produce our own malt. We work with local organic family farms who deliver barley of highest quality directly to our small malt house. To meet our Bavarian farmers, visit Using these organic grains, our experienced staff produces perfect malt for our pale, amber and dark beer specialties.

We Do Not Interfere With Nature’s Plan

We believe that creating genetically modified organisms (GMO) in agriculture through bio-engineering interferes with nature's billon year old plan. It is impossible to contain the spread of GMOs once these bio-engineered plants are in the fields. GMOs, once released, evolve and change, endangering flora and fauna as we know it. The spread of GMOs leads to a reduction in food variety available to us, putting our health at risk. Furthermore, widespread use of GMOs threatens the livelihood of many family farms who live from their fields and crops. Lammsbräu and our vendor partners pledge to keep all raw materials free of GMOs. Every batch of agricultural crops used in our brewery is strictly checked for GMO contamination. Dr. Franz Ehrnsperger is a national leader in the anti-GMO movement and one of the founders of the German Brewers against GMO movement.

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