Our mission

To Nourish and Strengthen our Community through Ethical Food Choices that support Sustainability, Stewardship and Fairness across the Globe.

Our Values

We seek out and cherish these Values in the Products we offer, the Decisions we make and the People we hire.













Why Shop With Us?

Here are 12 good reasons:



In this globalized economy, Independent Grocers are a vanishing breed. At New Moon, we answer to our customers, not our shareholders.   We make our decisions based on the belief that we do well by doing good. Our aim is to use our business to make the world a better place, and even when trends shift we never stop doing that.


Everyone talks about local; we ARE local!  We’re locally owned and we source locally, too!  New Moon’s Local Growers Program supports small produce farmers in our regional foodshed.  We’re a proud supporter of Tahoe Food Hub, a regional growers’ collective.  We sell products from Truckee bakeries, Nevada and Lassen county ranchers, local artisans and many others throughout our store.


Organic standards are under attack from big business and we watch closely and support the companies that still do it right.No Green-washing at New Moon! Our buyers look for products made by companies that support sustainable growing practices and reduced carbon footprints.  All our seafood comes from sustainable fisheries.  When you buy from New Moon, your dollars are supporting companies sensitive to their environmental impacts.


Many so-called “Green” companies producing “Natural” products use cheap, exploited labor to spike their profits.  Overseas and immigrant farm workers are the most vulnerable.  You might find those products on competitors’ shelves and even in their house brands (yikes!) but not here.  Look for the Fair Trade, B Corporation and Women-owned label at New Moon!

speciality diets

Vegan?  Paleo?  Vegetarian?  Gluten-free?  Dairy-free?  Nut-free?  Ketogenic?  Raw?  We’ve got you covered with the finest (and tastiest!) natural and organic foods.  New Moon’s buyers know their stuff about specialty diets and we’re always tweaking our product mix to keep it fresh and interesting!

Seems like every year, more and more weird ingredients keep creeping into “health” food.  We’re obsessive about selling CLEAN products.  We read labels and we know our ingredients cold, so YOU don’t have to worry about what you’re buying.  New Moon is proud to be your gatekeeper.  We stand by the ingredients in our products and we’re always keeping up on the latest research.



Our animal products are vetted to ensure the animals live a quality, stress-free life.  Pastured cows, not just Grass-fed.  Pastured chickens, not just free range.  Pigs with deep bed pens and rich social interaction.  If we’re going to eat animals and the products they produce, we owe them a quality life and a humane slaughter.  No Boar’s Head meats here!

ingredient integrity

Want to know if your Natural Foods Store is walking its talk?  Don’t just look on the shelves—look at the food they produce.  New Moon’s Crescent Café uses top-notch ORGANIC ingredients and we make our products from scratch, every day.  We’ve got no central kitchen in Hayward pumping out soups in plastic bags and calling them “homemade”! (Eww!)  You can smell our recipes cooking when you walk in the door!

We Buy Small

Our buyers favor small producers over giant corporations.  We know the stories behind the companies that make our products.  That supports family businesses and other small entrepreneurs who are trying to bring high-integrity products into a crowded market, dominated by global Goliaths.  Those Davids are out there making a difference and New Moon finds them for you!

Got a product suggestion or concern?  Need a hard-to-find special order?  Or maybe you have a complicated health issue and need some education on how natural products might help.  We’re here and we care.

We Listen

We’re a fun bunch of people!  We know our customers (and their kids!) by name.  We love to laugh and hug and celebrate life.  Come introduce yourself and feel the Love!


Love.  Integrity.  Doing the Right Thing.  Joy.  Charity.  Community.  Positivity.  Diversity.  Honesty.  A business should be more than just a way to make money; it should be a vehicle for promoting the best in humanity.